Anonymous asked:

Yeah, you'd think that Xbox One letter thing would be sexist if not for being customizable. Because you can address it to someone who's male, or even your parents or roommate. But I can understand you missing that. I mean, it's not like you changed the first customizable term, opening up a list which shows female- and male-specific nouns, right? Oh wait, you ignored that part on purpose and specifically chose the most "sexist" (in your opinion) options.

Wow that was forever ago I forgot it was even on here.

The letter was customizable and I picked the least flattering options, certainly. The problem was that the tone of casual misogyny was, in my opinion, clear from the selection of choices being presented.

The letter’s framework was designed with a built-in level of disdain for the recipient’s pastimes and the assumption that such pastimes placed them squarely in the demographic of a casual non-gamer who has a boring life and boring interests. Beyond that however, a significant number of the negative pastime choices were clearly gendered and fit into classic “nagging female S.O.” stereotypes (e.g. knitting).

While you could put a male pronoun on the letter, attempting to create a similarly masculine-targeted tirade has a very different result. The implicitly male-gendered choices (if any) amounted to saying “haha the stuff you like is dumb”, whereas the implicitly female-gendered choices far more strongly implied “haha the stuff you like is dumb because you’re a girl and therefore like dumb girl stuff which definitely doesn’t include videogames”.

Such is my subjective assessment of it.

- SF, Senior CEO in Chief