I had a flash of inspiration after-hours yesterday and took a second look at the smog layer beneath the traffic. It was barely visible and not contributing much visually, but after seeing the frequency with which people were dying at the live demo I realized that the city’s underbelly needed to be more attractive and look less like you were seeing the edge of a finite virtual world. I whipped together a material that conveys a sense of pollution so thick and caustic it’s almost liquid:

The refraction and weird surface normals blend very nicely into the smog particles, making it harder to tell where they begin and end:

Here’s what it looks like should you get close enough during gameplay:

After that I realized that even though the buildings are ridiculously tall, you could still see something that resembled their bases down below when you die. In order to maintain the illusion, I added a gigantic distant plane which emits an off-white colour and depth-blends into the runtime generated buildings. It’s meant to look like a volumetric brightness emanating from a city bathed in permanent light:

This also recaptures some of the glaring angles I liked from earlier builds which proved unsuitable for general gameplay.

During a run, this is probably the most you’ll see of the lower city:




First gameplay footage of DOGEcrash!!

Still in alpha, many visual elements to polish, but this should give you an idea of what it plays like!

Wow, I had negative expectations from the name but this is gorgeous. UE4 is a beast.

Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co. would like to formally apologize for and renounce the inclusion of the desperately unfunny meme of “doge” in this game as it is a necessary evil for the depiction of dogecoin, the globally recognized symbol of making fun of crypto.